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Fortnite Week 4 Alien Artifact Locations

Five more Alien Artifacts are yours to find in Week 4.


Fortnite Week 4 will bring five more Alien Artifacts to the island. You'll want to be sure to grab them once they appear starting this Thursday, July 1 at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET. You'll only have until the same time next week to grab them all, and doing so will help you further customize Kymera, the Tier 1 Battle Pass alien character for Fortnite Season 7. Here's where to find all Alien Artifacts in Fortnite Week 4.

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Week 4 Alien Artifacts

After last week brought just four Alien Artifacts, this week sees the return of the set of five. Each Alien Artifact cylinder actually gives you four Artifacts to spend on Kymera's customization options, so in total, another 20 Alien Artifacts can be found--excluding the bonus randomized Artifacts that can be found in Cosmic Chests when you're playing in teams of two or more. You can find the five Alien Artifacts this week in the following locations:

  • In the center of Holly Hatchery (currently Holly Hedges, but will change this week)
  • In the northeast cabin at Weeping Woods
  • In the small northwestern shed of Lazy Lake
  • Outside the big eastern warehouse of Dirty Docks
  • On an outside wall of centermost building of Steamy Stacks
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Kymera can be customized across a variety of features, including armor color, skin color, armor underglow, eye color, head shape, and more. Each category of Kymera's features includes a tiered list of options ranging from two to 17 Alien Artifacts per item, including a full set of free options which act as the default Kymera style. To unlock the most expensive item in any category, you'll need to first unlock all the others before it in the same category.

That's why collecting all Fortnite Alien Artifacts each week is so important if you're hoping to unlock the full range of features. Unlike past customizable Battle Pass cosmetics like Chapter 2 Season 2's Maya or Chapter 2 Season 3's 'Brella, Kymera can be restyled whenever you feel like it. There's no permanent locking-in of his look. You could even make multiple Kymera characters for different presets. It's like amassing an alien army for your loadouts. But you have to get Alien Artifacts during the week in which they debut, as they're replaced the following week with new ones.

If you still need to collect last week's Alien Artifacts, you can do so before Thursday, July 1. Meanwhile, don't miss the outgoing Week 3 challenges and the incoming Week 4 challenges as well.

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