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Fortnite Week 1: Visit All Sky Platform Locations Guide (Season 9 Challenge)

Reach for the sky.


Week 1's challenges for Season 9 of Fortnite are now available. For the most part, this initial batch of challenges is fairly easygoing and mostly intended to push players to check out the new locations on the map, Neo Tilted and Mega Mall, while using the new Slip Stream transportation system. However, one of the challenges requires a little bit of extra effort, so we've put together a guide to make it easier for you.

This challenge asks players to visit all the Sky Platforms on the new Season 9 map. This might be familiar to you if you played a bunch of Season 8. If you cast your mind back to when the Pirate Camps appeared--it's basically the same challenge. All you've got to do is visit the locations and before long you'll have the challenge completed.

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The actual platforms are very easy to spot as they'll look like weird, hovering drones. Just hop on board, and then move on to the next one. Below you'll find a map of all the locations as well as a list of where the platforms can be found.

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Sky Platform Locations

  • South-east of the volcano in the newly named area, Pressure Plant
  • South-west of Pleasant Park
  • South-west of Lazy Lagoon
  • East of Neo Tilted, overlooking Dusty Divot
  • North of Paradise Palms
  • South of Salty Springs
  • West of Shifty Shafts

For details on what's changed, check out our Fortnite Season 9 update patch notes article. We've also put together a comprehensive gallery showcasing all the new items in the Battle Pass, and collected all the new Fortnite skins in one place. If you're new to the game and not quite sure what a Battle Pass is or what it does, take a look at our explainer.

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