Fortnite Vault Symbol Locations Guide - Where To Search Different Vault Symbols (Borderlands 3 Challenge)

One of Fortnite's new Borderlands challenges sends you vault (symbol) hunting; here's where you need to go.


Epic Games and Gearbox have teamed up for a Borderlands 3 crossover event in Fortnite: Battle Royale. Not only are there new Borderlands cosmetics to purchase from the in-game store, there's also a variety of special, limited-time challenges to complete and Borderlands-inspired rewards to unlock--and unlike the standard weekly challenges, these are open to everyone, even if you don't own a Season 10 Battle Pass.

Most of the challenges are fairly straightforward and involve searching for loot or eliminating opponents within the Pandora Rift Zone, but one of the trickier tasks asks you to search different Vault Symbols. If you're not sure where those can be found, we've put together this map and guide to help you out.

Where To Find Vault Symbol Locations

The Pandora Rift Zone is located in the desert, to the south of Paradise Palms, so you'll first need to head there to take on this challenge. The Vault Symbols you need to search for are the Borderlands logo, and they can be found spraypainted on various objects around the area. There are several scattered around the Rift Zone, but you only need to find three of them to complete the challenge. We've marked down a few of the ones we've found on the map below.

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How To Complete The Challenge

Once you know where to look, all you need to do is track down three of the Vault Symbols and interact with them. You don't need to find all three within the same match, but you do need to search different symbols in order for your progress to count, so you can't return to the same one in different matches. Once you've searched all three symbols, you'll unlock a Vault Symbol banner.

The Borderlands crossover event is running until September 10, so you have until then to complete all of these special Borderlands challenges. If you manage to complete all six before the end of the event, you'll earn a special wrap for your troubles. The event kicked off as part of Fortnite's 10.20 update, which also introduced the new Shield Bubble item to the game. If you need help completing any other challenges from this season, be sure to check out our ongoing Season 10 challenges roundup for more tips and guides.

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