Fortnite v15.50 Update Adds Rapid-Fire SMG, Prepares For Season 6

Epic has released a new patch for the battle royale game, and here's what's included.


Epic Games has released the latest patch for the battle royale game Fortnite--update 15.50--and while it didn't accompany that with proper patch notes, we do know about some of the key additions and fixes. The update removes the Hand Cannon but replaces it with another weapon: the Rapid-Fire SMG. There are also a variety of bug fixes in the new patch, as well as various undocumented additions that are not yet live in the game but appear to be setting the stage for the conclusion of Season 5 and the start of Season 6.

While the return of the Rapid-Fire SMG is the only new feature touted by Epic, other Fortnite content invariably leaks through datamining whenever a new update is released. As such, noted Fortnite leaker HypeX has revealed that at least two new limited-time modes appear be on the way. Those include a Classic Loot LTM that consists of older vaulted items (such as the pump shotgun, smoke grenade, and Deagle) and a Bodyguard LTM in which two teams each try to protect their respective VIPs while trying to eliminate the other team's VIP. An Egg Launcher weapon has also reportedly been added.

Although we don't yet know what's come from the end of Season 5 and the impending Season 6, it looks as if the Zero Point will play a central role, with HypeX sharing new "destabilize" and "pulse" sounds that could be tied to an in-game event. Another leaker, Mang0e, suggested we'll see "mini-events" in the lead up to the start of Season 6 that see the Zero Point sending out pulses as it destabilizes.

Additionally, update 15.50 adds a new island size to the Creative mode, while there will also be localized featured creative hub support with this update. In Battle Royale, the Jellyfish has been re-enabled after it was disabled due to issues, but Rift Fish, however, remain disabled "for time being," according to Epic.

In terms of fixes, the "Ready Up" issue with split-screen play has been resolved, as has one involving Snowy Floppers not granting shields or Icy Feet. Epic has also resolved a problem where cars weren't always dealing damage on impact, as they should.

In other news, Epic has revealed LazarBeam's Fortnite skin, while the game recently added its latest mega-brand crossover event by bringing Ripley and a Xenomorph from the Alien series to the game. The game is also getting a crossover with Batman comics, this time with Fortnite codes in the comics themselves that will unlock a special armored Batman skin.

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