Fortnite V-Bucks And Items Available In New Starter Pack

The Starter pack is a cheap way to get V-Bucks, but only one time.


Part of Fortnite: Battle Royale's success stems from the fact that it's free-to-play; anyone on PC, PS4, or Xbox One--and now, some on mobile--can dive right in and start playing. But there are a number of ways to spend money on the experience if you so choose, and now there's a new option in the form of a Starter pack that provides good value.

In-game purchases in Battle Royale are all done with V-Bucks, a currency you can earn through Save the World mode and the game's Battle Pass but is primarily purchased with real-world money. The Starter pack centers around this: For $5 / £3.19, you get 600 V-Bucks. Those can be spent on cosmetic Battle Royale items, put toward the Battle Pass (which provides access to weekly challenges), or spent on Save the World items, schematics, and characters.

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The Starter pack also includes two cosmetics for use in Battle Royale: the Rogue Agent outfit and the Catalyst Back Bling (a recently introduced type of item that, as the name suggests, puts a decoration of some sort on your back). You can see what those looks like in the images below.

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The pack is a pretty good value if you're looking to spend money on the game. Pricing on V-Bucks varies, as larger bundles get you more for your money, but the cheapest bundle costs $10 / £8 for 1,000 V-Bucks. Getting 600 for $5 / £3.19 is thus a nice deal, even if you're not interested in the two cosmetics. However, this won't be a reliable source of V-Bucks for you, as the bundle can only be purchased once per account.

You can now purchase the Starter pack on all platforms, including mobile (which remains an invite-only test on iOS). Meanwhile, a new weapon is on the way to the game "soon" called the Guided Missile, though we don't know when it's set for release.

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