Fortnite Update Changes Guns, Llamas, More; Full Patch Notes Released

On top of the 4.3 content update, Epic has made a number of balance adjustments to the game.

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Fortnite's 4.3 content update is now available, and it introduces a new item to Battle Royale called the Bouncer. That isn't the only change Epic has implemented, however; the developer has also made an assortment of weapon and building adjustments in an effort to "address a few top concerns" among players and further balance the game.

In terms of weapon changes, the Minigun's accuracy has been increased by 10%, while its damage against structures is now 30 (up from 25). Additionally, damage fall-off for Rifles, SMGs, Pistols, and LMGs against structures has been removed, and the structure explosion radius for C4s has been increased from 400 to 600.

Along with those changes, Epic has also made some adjustments to loot. The chance that materials will drop as floor loot has been reduced by 33%, and stack sizes of floor loot materials has likewise been decreased by 33%. The availability of explosive ammo has also been decreased by 50%, while light ammo stack sizes have been increased to 18 (up from 12).

According to Epic, these adjustments will be tracked and further fine-tuned. "We will be closely monitoring these changes when they are live to assess the impact and re-adjust as necessary," Epic said. You can read the full list of adjustments in the patch notes on the Fortnite website.

The balance adjustments arrive alongside the aforementioned Bouncer, a new type of trap that appears in Battle Royale. The Bouncer be found in Treasure Chests, Supply Drops, Supply Llamas, or as floor loot. It can be placed on walls or the ground, and when stepped on, it sends players flying into the air.

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Avatar image for Pyrosa

Traps are back, baby!!

Got a kill IMMEDIATELY in Greast Grove; recommend you do the same to complete that challenge. Lots of people passing through there after getting this week's hidden star (which was a PAIN, even knowing which playground they meant due to the "footprint").

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So what is the change to llamas?

Avatar image for Pyrosa

@dashaka: They were previously dropping an incredible (nearly unbeatable) amount of rockets and brick/steel. Not too bad when you're the one getting the llama, of course... ;)

Still very rare though.