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Fortnite Update Adds Helicopters, As Server Issues Appear To Be Fixed

Fortnite's 12.20 update is now live on all platforms, and it introduces a new vehicle, map changes, and limited-time mode.


Epic Games has rolled out a new update for Fortnite. The game's 12.20 patch is now live on all platforms, and while the developer is continuing its streak of not sharing patch notes, there's one obvious new addition to the battle royale shooter this week: helicopters. [Update: Epic says in a tweet that the server issues that were impacting Fortnite earlier today have now been resolved]

The choppa is a brand-new aerial vehicle that can be found at helipads across the island. While it isn't outfitted with any weapons itself, it seats up to five players--one pilot and four passengers--and lets you fly around the map. You can take a look at the new vehicle in the trailer below.

Beyond that, some areas of the map have been update. As Fortnite News points out below, the oil rig has been destroyed, while the soccer pitch at Pleasant Park has been turned into a helipad.

The update has also kicked off a new Spy Games limited-time event, which includes a corresponding set of challenges and a new mode called Operation: Dropzone. Unique to this mode is a Tech system that allows you to unlock weapons, items, and special abilities as you play matches.

Season 2 of Fortnite Chapter 2 is currently slated to end in April, so there are still a lot more challenges on the way over the next few weeks. If you need help completing any earlier missions from this season, we've rounded up all of our maps and guides in our Fortnite Season 2 challenges hub. Be sure to also check out our Fortnite Season 2 roundup to catch up on everything that's new in Epic's popular battle royale game this season.

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