Fortnite Unstable Bow: Location, Stats, And How It Works

The latest exotic weapon has arrived on the island.


Fortnite version 16.30 is out now, and if you don't care to read the complete Fortnite 16.30 patch notes, the main takeaway is the addition of the Unstable Bow, which was leaked earlier this season but we now know operates differently than how some dataminers expected given their available information when it leaked. Here's what you need to know about the Fortnite Unstable Bow.

Unstable Bow Location

Rebirth Raven sells the Unstable Bow for 500 Gold Bars.
Rebirth Raven sells the Unstable Bow for 500 Gold Bars.

The Unstable Bow is the latest, and arguably greatest, bow to arrive for the "primal" Fortnite Season 6. While it doesn't have its own stats to share, that's because of its unpredictable nature, hence its name. The Unstable Bow costs 500 Gold Bars and you can buy up to four if you so wish. This specialty bow changes its behavior with every shot. Cycling between the Explosive, Shockwave, Flame, and Stink Bow randomly, the Unstable Bow gives players a versatile arsenal in just a single inventory slot, which is sure to make it a highly sought-after new weapon.

You can find the Unstable Bow at the house on the western beach of Sweaty Sands. DC's Teen Titan, Rebirth Raven, is selling the bow exclusively, so you'll want to speak to her to acquire it. If you're unfamiliar with this unnamed location, we've marked it on the map below.

Head to the house marked in this screenshot to find Rebirth Raven.
Head to the house marked in this screenshot to find Rebirth Raven.

The Explosive Bow does extra damage by dropping grenades after the arrow lands. The Flame Bow burns away an area, especially wooden structures and forestry. The Stink Bow does area-of-effect damage like the Stink Grenades of past seasons. Lastly, the Shockwave Bow creates a Shockwave Grenade effect wherever it lands, which can be good for flinging enemies into the storm or getting yourself out of it fast.

While you can't choose which effect is next in the queue, the bow does change visually to inform you of its effect before you fire, so it just may be the best weapon added in a midseason update, beating out the Recycler and Grappler Bow.

The new 16.30 update release isn't just about the new bow and assorted other changes. It also adds the Neymar Jr. skin and challenges and the final Spire Quest.

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