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Fortnite UFO Locations: Where To Find Flying Saucers In Season 7

Here's how to hijack Flying Saucers in Fortnite.


Fortnite Season 7 has touched down onto our world like the aliens within it have landed on the island, but they aren't the only ones who get to fly those cool UFOs. If you're wondering where to find UFOs in Fortnite--or Flying Saucers as they're officially called--we'll walk you through just where to look.

Fortnite UFO Locations

The alien invasion was no small feat, and the extraterrestrials are present in large numbers around the island, but some places are easier than others to find UFOs. Your best bet is to head to where you see blue smoke. Similar to how this visual marker was used to spot Stark Robots during the Marvel-heavy Season 4, the blue smoke now indicates where you'll find a downed UFO.

Take out or sneak past the IO to hijack a UFO.
Take out or sneak past the IO to hijack a UFO.

Be careful though, as it will be guarded by IO foot soldiers, who are as eager to topple the invaders as you are to steal their cool spaceships. The IO guards will fire on sight, so be prepared to take the UFO by force. Once defeated, you can hop into the vehicle and pilot it just like you would any other vehicle in the game. Your squad can fire out of it at enemies, plus you can use the tractor beam to lift objects off the ground--even enemy players and vehicles--as well as use a projectile weapon to fire bursts of energy at what's in front of you.

How To Fly UFOs

The UFOs, or Flying Saucers as they're called in-game, offer several different abilities for pilots and their squads. To enter a UFO, simply land on top of one if it's airborne already, or approach it and press X/Square to enter it like you would any other vehicle. To fly a UFO in Fortnite, use the shoulder buttons to ascend (RT/R2) or descend (LT/L2) just like you would with a Choppa, moving in all directions with the left analog stick and controlling the camera with the right analog stick.

You can also use B/Circle to dash, but be mindful of the cooldown timer. When fully cooled down, you can dash three times in quick succession, which is helpful when getting out of a firefight. Using LB/L1, you can use your tractor beam and pick up most objects off the ground, including vehicles, boulders, and other players. The object will stay in your grasp until you press the button to let go.

If you drain your UFO battery, land it and wait about ten seconds for it to fully recharge.
If you drain your UFO battery, land it and wait about ten seconds for it to fully recharge.

The fun part is if use your momentum to fly or dash forward, then press LB/L1 again, and you'll throw the object forward, like a bowling ball going down an alley toward pins. The most effective weapon on the UFOs, however, is the energy cannon which fires massive bursts of energy at whatever you point at with your targeting reticule. It's very accurate, so make sure to lead players with your shots if they're running from you.

The last thing to know about how to fly UFOs is that they have batteries. Think of the UFO battery like fuel. The longer you're flying, the more the battery drains. This advanced alien technology can recharge itself if the UFO is landed for a moment--it charges back up very quickly. Note that using weapons and dashing will drain the battery faster too. If you can master the UFOs many abilities, you may find yourself with the late-game advantage.

Other UFOs

Already piloted UFOs can be found wherever a map location is written in purple.
Already piloted UFOs can be found wherever a map location is written in purple.

You'll also find UFOs at any location marked in purple font on the map. In these places, the aliens are actively harvesting the environment to... well, we aren't sure yet why they're doing this, actually. They seem to be passive until fired upon, at which point you'll enter into a battle with them, and they're even tougher than the IO guards, so be cautious and don't fire on them unless you're looking for a fight.

These roving UFOs also drop Nuts and Bolts, new crafting resources that you can use to gain access to vaulted items. If you like weapons such as the Lever Action Shotgun or the Rapid Fire SMG and are disappointed they haven't been unvaulted for this season, you can still access them via the new Season 7 crafting system.

This is sure to be one of the most popular parts of Season 7, but also a very specific mechanic, so don't expect them to stick around once Season 8 arrives this September. For that reason, get in there and have some fun with these brand-new Fortnite vehicles.

We have a ton more Fortnite Season 7 content ready to welcome you to the invasion. You'll find more Alien Artifacts, learn how to complete the Week 2 challenges, check out what's in the Battle Pass, or everything else that's new to Fortnite Season 7.

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