Fortnite: These Boats Bring Cargo Location And Guide

Fortnite quests get weird this week, so here's a quick guide on the 'three boats bring cargo' quest.


In Fortnite's Postcard Tour questline this week, you'll need to unravel a confusing quest that only says something about how "these boats bring cargo." That's all the quest tells you, and without quest markers, it would maybe take a while to figure out. With our guide, it'll be much quicker.

Fortnite: "These boats bring cargo" - quest guide

If you're just finishing the masked warrior made of light quest, you're in luck. Locating the three boats that bring cargo won't take you far. In the water south of Mega City there is an assortment of boats with containers on them and a launch pad. Swim, sword-dash, or glide over to there where you'll complete the first part of this quest.

These boats bring cargo.
These boats bring cargo.

Remember that for the second part, you must emote while standing on the cargo boats. If you leave without emoting, you'll still have to go back and finish this quest, so don't forget! Once you've done that, you'll have earned your XP and completed another quest.

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