Fortnite Spire Quest: Play The Spire's Message, Speak To The Joneses, And Duel Jonesy The First

The latest Spire Quest involves tracking down the many iterations of Fortnite's leading man.


Fortnite is back with a new Spire Quest. These lengthy questlines will only be available during Season 6 and offer a ton of lore, some cosmetics, and a bounty of XP, so there are plenty of reasons to complete these new challenges that debut every other week.

In the latest Spire Quest, players will continue to help Raz with his mysterious plan before tracking down several Jonesy clones and eventually even dueling the progenitor of the Jonesy family. Here's all you need to know about the Jonesy Spire Quest.

Play The Spire's Message At A Guardian Outpost

Play The Spire's message atop a Guardian Outpost.
Play The Spire's message atop a Guardian Outpost.

Guardian Outposts are the six smaller spire-like towers that create a perimeter around the central Spire location. For the first part of your mission, you'll need to ensure you've already completed the entire Spire Quest from two weeks ago. If you did, you'll have a recording from Raz. Land on any Guardian Outpost and find the interactable object, which lets you place and play the recording. You'll even hear a bit of dialogue from The Foundation, whom fans have credibly linked to The Rock.

Speak To The Joneses

Each version of Jonesy has his own unique name.
Each version of Jonesy has his own unique name.

The Joneses refers to the nine NPCs around the island who are actually Jonesy in different forms. Speaking to any five of them will complete this next part of the challenge. The only one you should ignore for now is Jonesy The First, who hangs out inside a home in Pleasant Park. You'll need him later, but for now he's of no use to you.

The other eight can be found all across the map, so we've marked where they are. Head to any five of your choice and select "The Spire" dialogue option with each of them, running through the whole dialogue until you're backed out of conversation with each of them. Below is a map of where you can find them. Remember that as you get close, they'll appear on your mini-map as speech bubbles.

All eight Jonesy locations scattered across the island.
All eight Jonesy locations scattered across the island.

Find Jonesy The First

Once you've spoken to five of his duplicates, you'll want to track down the original Jonesy. As mentioned, he's in the northwestern residence within Pleasant Park, on the first floor and to your left if you enter through the front door. Once more choose "The Spire" dialogue to learn what he has to say. When you get to the end of the talk, you'll complete the task and be assigned a new one.

Duel Jonesy The First

Now you've got to duel him. For that, speak to him once more and choose the "Challenge Jonesy The First" option in his dialogue tree. Once chosen, the game will thrust you and him backward so you can't unload on him so easily right away. Of course, before you do that, make sure you have some weapons and took some Slurp Juice as duels can be tough if you're not ready to rumble. Once you defeat him, you'll get one final objective.

Speak To Jonesy The First Again

Once beaten in a duel, Jonesy will return to a passive state.
Once beaten in a duel, Jonesy will return to a passive state.

Like all NPCs, Jonesy will respawn once you defeat him. Now that you've won the duel, he will return to a passive state, allowing you to chat again. For one last time, select "The Spire" dialogue option, read what he says, and when he's done, you'll have completed the last objective for this new Jonesy-focused Spire Quest, leaving you one step closer to unraveling this season's mystery and nabbing a hefty chunk of XP along the way.

This week's Spire Quest came alongside the latest game update. For more on what's new, don't miss the Fortnite version 16.20 patch notes.

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