Fortnite: Something Huge Is About To Happen For Season 11

Something is going down in Fortnite on October 13.


Season 10 of Fortnite is coming to an end today, Sunday, October 13, after Epic extended it by an extra week, and it appears this season will go out with a bang. Ahead of Season 11, countdown timers have started to pop up all over the island, suggesting a big world-changing event is taking place in the battle royale game this weekend.

The timers can be seen on TV screens across the island, as well as above the rocket at Dusty Depot. As of this writing, there are six days remaining in the countdown, which would mean it's set to expire on October 13, the day Season 10 now ends.

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Epic typically ushers in each new season of Fortnite with some kind of world-changing event, so it's no surprise that one is on the way ahead of Season 11, but it's unclear what exactly this event will entail. However, many fans are speculating that it will lead to an entirely new map next season, as dataminers have recently discovered a list of new locations within the game's code.

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While there are still many questions lingering around Season 11, we do know the next season will add bots to the game. As part of its matchmaking changes to Fortnite, Epic confirmed it will add AI-controlled opponents to the game to help players hone their skills; the better players become, the fewer bots will appear in their matches. However, the matchmaking changes have raised concerns because players from different platforms are now matched together, potentially giving those on certain platforms an advantage.

With Season 11 on the horizon, now's your last chance to complete any remaining challenges from this season. Epic will also be rolling out a set of Overtime challenges beginning October 8. If you need help finishing up any tasks from this season, be sure to check out our complete Fortnite Season 10 challenges guide.

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