Fortnite Shang-Chi Skin Now Available

Epic adds another Marvel hero to Fortnite's growing roster.


The Fortnite Shang-Chi skin is now available in the Item Shop, signaling a relationship between juggernauts Epic and Marvel that is still going strong. The Shang-Chi skin arrives in Fortnite just in time for the hero's debut feature film, Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, which hits theaters on September 3.

Fortnite Shang-Chi Skin

Like most collaborations with other brands, the Fortnite Shang-Chi skin includes more than just the character. Also included in the hero's complete bundle for those who want it are the following items:

  • Great Protector's Shield back bling
  • Blades of the Brother Hand pickaxes
  • Dragon's Scale wrap
Shang-Chi will find many familiar Marvel faces on the Fortnite island.
Shang-Chi will find many familiar Marvel faces on the Fortnite island.

The Shang-Chi skin joins a lengthy list of Marvel heroes already in Fortnite. These days, a Marvel launch is a virtual guarantee of a Fortnite tie-in. While sometimes the skins are based on new iterations of the character or stay closer to their comic styles, the Shang-Chi skin looks plucked right out of the new movie.

Last year, Fortnite hosted an all-Marvel Season 4 where the entire battle pass was made up of Marvel characters and cosmetics like She-Hulk, Wolverine, and Iron Man. Epic CCO Donald Mustard once said crossovers like that were merely the tip of the iceberg between the two companies.

"This is just the start," Mustard told the This Week In Marvel Podcast back in 2020. "This is the start of lots of stuff we have planned for many years in this Marvel integration. Like, this is not the end. This is the beginning."

Shang-Chi is still but a continuation of that virtually endless train. So long as Fortnite and Marvel remain atop the pop culture mountain, we can expect many more collaborations between the two brands for years to come.

If you need more licensed skins, other recent crossovers have included the Justice League's Wonder Woman, reggaeton ambassador J Balvin, and Bad Boys' Mike Lowrey.

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