Fortnite Servers Going Down Soon On PS4, Xbox One, And PC

Season 3 approaches.

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Fortnite's servers will be offline for period of time tomorrow across Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, as developer Epic Games launches a new patch. The v.3.0.0 patch will be deployed at 4 AM EST on February 22, though Battle Royale's matchmaking will go down at 3:35 AM.

The patch coincides with the end of Fortnite's Season 2, which started back in December. When the servers come back online, that will kick off Season 3, and with it comes the new Battle Pass containing new items like Back Bling and more.

Patch notes for v.3.0.0 will be published tomorrow when the downtime begins. Epic's post on Reddit does not say when the servers will be back online, but we'll report back with those details as they're announced.

You may notice the countdown clock in Battle Royale currently shows that Season 2 ends at 11 AM ET on February 22, but this is an error on Epic's part. As mentioned, it's actually sooner than that.

The Season 3 Battle Pass costs 950 V-Bucks, which is about $10. It comes with 76 items in all; along with the 3 Back Blings, you'll also get a bunch of emoticons, banners, and other cosmetics. You can read more about what the Battle Pass comes with here. Season 2 wraps up soon, so the new Battle Pass should go on sale this week.

In other news, Epic will soon add a brand new gun, the Hand Cannon, to the game. In addition, a new patch for Fortnite launched recently on PS4, Xbox One, and PC that comes with the Impulse Grenade.

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