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Fortnite Servers Are Down: When Will Servers Be Back For Chapter 5 Season 3?

Fortnite is down ahead of the start of Chapter 5 Season 3, and it won't be long until Fallout's Brotherhood of Steel invades the island.


Update: Servers are back online, and you can check out everything new in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3, the new weapons, the map changes, and all the skins and rewards in the battle pass. The original story follows.

After three months of godly gameplay, Fortnite's Myths & Mortals season has come to a close, and the new season, Chapter 5 Season 3: Wrecked, is imminent. But, for the moment, we're stuck in limbo with Fortnite offline while Epic Games deploys the season update. This is standard procedure--we get at least a few hours of downtime before each new season. It's just a matter of time now.

Fortnite servers down - When does Chapter 5 Season 3 start?

When Fortnite's servers come back up, it'll usher in this year's massive summer season, complete with a major collaboration with Fallout right off the bat, a new desert wasteland-type biome, some kind of new vehicular combat mechanics, and an all-new battle pass full of fresh cosmetics--such as Brotherhood of Steel power armor, which Epic has been teasing all week.

That Fallout collab is a big one that's got everybody full of hype, but all we can do now is wait until Epic brings Fortnite back online. But when will that be? Unfortunately, it's not a question with an easy answer, because there's no scheduled time for this maintenance window to end. Typically, you can expect to see a new Fortnite season to kick off between 7 AM and 10 AM ET on launch day--in this case, May 24--though there have been major exceptions. When this past season began, for example, there was some sort of technical issue that kept the game offline until late in the evening, with Fortnite staying offline for nearly a day. But that was a very unusual situation.

Once the game does return, Season 3 will introduce a whole host of changes to the battle royale island, thanks to the massive sandstorm that's been coming in from the south. The biggest immediate change will be the introduction of a desert wasteland with several new major locations like the Nitro Drome combat arena, and of course that Fallout collaboration is going to be a big draw for a lot of players, especially after the success of this spring's TV adaptation.

Once the servers do come back up, we'll give you a massive roundup of everything new in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 right here.

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