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Fortnite: Secret Banner Location Guide For Week 6 (Season 6 Hunting Party Challenge)

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Another Banner is up for grabs--if you've completed enough challenges.

Week 6 of Fortnite Season 6 has passed, and it brought a new set of challenges to complete on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile devices. Clearing these tasks will net you XP and help level up your Battle Pass, which in turn will unlock the new Season 6 cosmetics and rewards. As usual, there's an added bonus for completing all of the challenges from a given week: you'll also clear a Hunting Party challenge, giving you a chance to find a free item.

Each time you complete a Hunting Party challenge, you'll unlock a special loading screen, which will contain a subtle clue to the location of a free Battle Star or Banner--a type of item that can be used as your profile icon--hidden somewhere around the island. Which one you'll be able to find depends on how many weekly sets of challenges you've completed, and they won't appear unless you've finished enough missions and unlocked their corresponding loading screen.

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If you've cleared six weeks' sets of challenges, you'll be rewarded with the loading screen pictured below. It depicts two characters--donning the Calamity and new Deadfire skins--fighting off a horde of the zombie-like Cube monsters introduced during the Fortnitemares Halloween event. Look at the tree on the righthand side of the screen and you'll see the silhouette of a Banner next to a monster made out of cars etched onto its trunk.

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The car monster in question can be found in quadrant I6, near the racetrack to the east of Retail Row. Head there and you'll find the free Banner waiting to be collected. We've pinpointed its location on the map below, or you can check out the video above.

As previously mentioned, this particular Banner won't appear on the island unless you've completed six weeks of challenges and unlocked the above loading screen. You won't simply be able to go to the race track and collect it unless you've completed all of the necessary steps. You can see our guides for all of the other free Banner and Battle Star locations thus far below.

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Fortnite's latest batch of weekly challenges task players with placing Chiller traps in different matches and finding sheet music and playing pianos, among other things. If you need help completing any previous challenges, be sure to check out our comprehensive Fortnite Season 6 challenge roundup.

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