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Fortnite Season 8 Teasers Show A Volcano Ready To Erupt

Gather your mateys for the start of Season 8.


Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 8 starts tomorrow, and Epic Games has spent the past few days releasing teaser images to, well, tease us about what awaits. Each image has been shared alongside a poem, and it seems that Season 8 will at least partially have a pirate theme. Specific confirmation of any details have not yet been shared, but everything will become clear once Thursday's update arrives.

[Update: We've now gotten the fourth teaser, and it continues the pattern seen in the first few. In the background, you can make out what appears to be another new skin we may see in the new season--this one is a banana with a face that almost resembles a Funko Pop figure. More importantly, when pieced together, the two bottommost teaser images also feature what looks like an erupting volcano--that might very well be the big event that changes the map for Season 8. We'll know fur sure when things get underway on Thursday.]

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The first teaser references "X marks the spot" and treasure, with an image of a hook. The second has an image of a snake, and warns you to beware "those who arrive on the waves." The third and final one so far shows a tiger-like face, promising you can "awaken beasts of fire and ash." Teaser 3 might even reveal our first look at one of Season 8's first new skins. The teasers are counting down days until Season 8 starts on Thursday, February 28.

Given the poems, it seems likely that the players will be able to hunt for loot in buried treasure form, and there may be some form of AI opponent or creatures arriving on ships. New teasers are dropping every day so we may see more specific hints as time goes on. As pointed out on Twitter by James Jarvis, the images are forming a pattern that looks conspicuously like a stylized skull.

This means you have just a few days left to unlock the Prisoner Skin levels and Waterfall challenges to earn your rewards. When the new season rolls over, it will bring an all new Battle Pass (which you can earn for free) with its own challenges and skins and new game mechanics. Season 7 ends this week, just prior to the start of Season 8.

Fortnite has become known for its big seasonal changeover events, each of which changes its gameplay in some significant ways. So far, this is one big distinguishing factor it has against a new challenger in the battle royale genre, Apex Legends. That game has taken off quickly, but Epic Games says Fortnite is still doing fine for itself. It just set a new record and announced a massive prize pool for its esports tournament.

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