Fortnite Season 8 Skins Seem To Be Hiding In Epic's Teasers

Loot the stash.


Update: The fourth and final teaser for Season 8 has now been released, and this one finishes the larger image that the others had begun to form. This one makes it look as if a volcano is erupting, which is possibly the big event that will change the island map on Thursday. More importantly, we see what will likely be another new skin fading into the background. This time around, it's a banana with a face. Because why not. The original story follows.

With its start coming later this week, Epic Games has dropped another teaser for what awaits in Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 8. In keeping with the previous two, this teaser comes in the form of a short, cryptic poem, which is accompanied by an image--and this one may reveal a new skin coming next season.

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"Awaken beasts / Of fire and ash / Battle it out / And loot the stash," the poem reads, further reinforcing the pirate theme hinted at in Epic's previous Season 8 teasers. The accompanying image, meanwhile, features a fearsome-looking tiger head in the background--presumably part of a new skin the developer is introducing to the game.

The previous two teasers thus far have suggested Season 8 will have a pirate theme, with references to treasure and "those who arrive on the waves," although it's unclear how this will translate to gameplay. Interestingly, when all of the teasers are combined, they form one large image of a skull, as pointed out below. Wednesday will likely bring another teaser to complete this before the season gets underway.

Epic has confirmed that Season 8's start date is February 28, which means you have until then to complete any remaining Season 7 challenges. As an added incentive to do so, the developer is giving the Season 8 Battle Pass for free to players who finish Season 7's Overtime challenges. The Battle Pass typically costs 950 V-Bucks, so this is a good opportunity to get it without have to spend any money.

In the lead up to Season 8, earthquakes have been occurring in the game. These first started following the release of the 7.30 update earlier this month, and they've been growing in intensity since, so much so that cracks are now appearing in the island. What this portends for next season remains to be seen, but it'll presumably lead to some significant changes to the map.

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