Fortnite Season 8 Skins: Blackheart, Peely The Banana, Hybrid, And More

That banana is ripe.


Epic Games has launched Season 8 of Fortnite: Battle Royale. The 8.0 patch is now live on all platforms, coinciding with the release of a new Battle Pass you can now buy--unless you earned it for free recently through Overtime challenges. There are tons of new Season 8 Battle Pass rewards to now work toward unlocking, the most exciting of which are, as always, new skins to customize your character with. Fortnite typically has some of the coolest skins around and Season 8 maintains that high standard. We've put together a selection of images so you can take a look at the outfits below--and yes, the banana from the teaser images is one of them, and it's somehow much creepier and better than expected.

Two of the coolest skins in Season 8 are unlocked simply by purchasing the Battle Pass. This is available in the in-game store for 950 V-Bucks. If you don't have V-Bucks, which is Fortnite's in-game currency, you'll have to spend some real money to get some; in the US, 1,000 V-Bucks go for $10. The two outfits you instantly unlock for buying a Battle Pass are Blackheart and Hybrid, both of which tie into Season 8's theme of pirates and ninjas.

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Blackheart is described as "the dreaded captain of the stormy season" and is part of the Scallywags set. This is one of the evolving styles of skins, which means it can be levelled up. As you do so, Blackheart goes from being a young, good looking, roguish pirate to an older bearded one that has clearly been on some unusual adventures, and then finally a skeleton that is glowing with various colors of energy.

Hybrid, meanwhile, is part of the Brood set. These characters emerged from the volcano, after a powerful figure escaped imprisonment at the hands of the Ice King. The outfit description simply reads, "Become the dragon." Like Blackheart, Hybrid's outfit can be levelled up, and it goes from a traditional ninja look to something more lizard-like. Across the evolutions, more of the beast version slowly becomes visible, tearing through the shinobi outfit before fully transforming into the dragon.

Beyond those two skins, there's Peely, the aforementioned banana that ripens over time; Ember, which is a flame-wielder; and Master Key, who better not be vying for the title of Master of Unlocking. There is only one Master of Unlocking, and it's Jill Valentine.

The quickest way to get these skins is to have a Battle Pass and complete challenges. If you're unfamiliar with either of these, you can take a look at our Fortnite Season 8 Battle Pass explainer for more information on what that is, how you can get one, the rewards you'll get, and how you can make the most of having one. It's actually easier than ever to complete challenges, thanks to the new Party Assist feature introduced in the 8.0 update. With this, you can share progress on a challenge with members of your squad, though there are some restrictions--it doesn't work with random players filling your party or in larger team modes.

Since we're now in the first week of Season 8, weekly challenges have begun. You can see everything you'll need to do to get the inaugural set of Battle Stars in our Fortnite Season 8, Week 1 challenge roundup. Among the most notable tasks are those asking you to visit a giant face in the desert, jungle, and snow, and another that requires you to track down pirate camps.

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