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Fortnite Season 8 Has An Island For Weezer And New Black Album

Say it ain't so.


Fortnite has rolled over into Season 8, introducing some major gameplay and map changes. Among them are new pirate-themed skins and a giant volcano to the northeast. In the creative mode, a brand-new island appears to celebrate the rock band Weezer.

Polygon reports that the Creative Mode now houses an island decorated with the iconic Weezer "W" logo. The island also sports a jukebox that only plays Weezer songs. It's reportedly a cross-promotional effort to plug Weezer's two 2019 albums, The Teal Album and The Black Album. The band itself has chimed in on Twitter with thanks to the fans who put it together.

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The more substantial updates to Fortnite Season 8 come to the map and gameplay. The map now includes a volcano and deadly lava, along with volcanic vents that lift you high into the air. Two new areas surround the volcano: the Mayan-inspired Sunny Steps and the pirate-themed Lazy Lagoon. Of course, the new Battle Pass also includes a load of new skins and other rewards. And imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, because Fortnite has gotten its own ping system like its competitor Apex Legends.

If you want to earn all of those nifty new skins, you'll have to complete challenges, so check out our Season 8 challenge guide for details.

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