Fortnite Season 8 Art Seems To Hint At Return Of Tilted Towers

Is Tilted Towers coming back in Fortnite in Season 8?


While Fortnite Chapter 2 brought with it many exciting features, there remains a passionate portion of the fanbase that is always hopeful for the return of the Chapter 1 map. While that doesn't seem likely anytime soon, Epic Games seems to be teasing the return of the original map's most beloved place of interest (POI): Tilted Towers.

Tilted Towers disappeared from the game at the end of Season X when the black hole swallowed up the Chapter 1 map, codenamed Athena, and birthed the Chapter 2 map, codenamed Apollo. Since then, players have anxiously searched for signs of its return, sadly to no avail--until now.

In a recent blog post on the Fortnite website, Epic included a piece of official artwork that shows some characters descending toward the island. Not only does it tease a new style for Renegade Raider, seen below with a new Halloween-ish turquoise hue, but look in the background and you'll see the beloved POI Tilted Towers is unmistakably there as well.

Epic's decision to include Tilted Towers in this image is no accident, but what does it suggest?
Epic's decision to include Tilted Towers in this image is no accident, but what does it suggest?

Tilted Towers was the favorite landing spot in Chapter 1 because it had the most loot and a great sense of verticality via its many pre-fab highrises, so even players who couldn't build well could get the height advantage on rivals.

The artwork comes alongside a post revealing the return of the Late Game Arena mode on October 5. The mode was first introduced alongside the Bugha skin several weeks ago as a celebration of the first-ever Fortnite World Series winner's debut in the Item Shop, which the young player won back in Chapter 1. It's possible that's the only link Epic intends to suggest--an early champion and the map on which he won--but unless Tilted Towers will be back in Late Game Arena mode, that still doesn't quite add up.

The game mode returns on October 5 and players can compete in a pair of Cups in the days leading up to its return so we should know more next week. Then again, with the cubes currently migrating around the island spreading an unknown "corruption" with no understood endgame among players, maybe the Tilted Towers tease has something to do with that instead.

Might the cubes be reverting the island back to its earlier state? As always with Fortnite, we have many more questions than answers, but some answers should come in the days ahead.

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