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Fortnite Season 7 NPC Locations

Where to find all new Fortnite NPCs.


It's a new season in Fortnite and that means new Fortnite Season 7 NPCs. This season started off with far fewer NPCs than past seasons, perhaps because many characters have been abducted by aliens--or they're just in hiding to avoid such a fate. But more have been added all season long. Right now, the island of Apollo is home to 19 NPCs, including late arrivals such as Human Bill and Kymera. Here's where you can find all of the latest Fortnite NPCs.

Fortnite Season 7 NPC Locations

NPCs offer quests, bounties, weapons, and gifts all over the map, but they're of no use if you can't find them. We'll show you exactly where to find all the new NPCs, but note one important detail: NPC #2 is not available right now. This tends to suggest the character is bugged, so whoever it is, they'll show up later. With that said, here are the other 17 NPCs.

  1. Abstrakt: Retail Row
  2. Human Bill: Steamy Stacks
  3. Guggimon: Lockie's Lighthouse
  4. Sunny: Believer Beach (boardwalk)
  5. Bunker Jonesy: cabin south of Apres Ski
  6. Bushranger: Risky Reels
  7. Dreamflower: Flopper Pond
  8. Joey: Dirty Docks
  9. Hayseed: Steel Farm
  10. Marigold: Lazy Lake
  11. Maven: Dinky Dish
  12. Rick Sanchez: Defiant Dish
  13. Riot: Yellow Steel Bridge
  14. Rook: Dockside Dish
  15. Special Forces: **REDACTED** Bunker southeast of Catty Corner
  16. Swamp Stalker: Slurpy Swamp
  17. Doctor Slone: Corny Complex
  18. Zyg and Choppy: Hydro 16
  19. Kymera: Coral Castle
All 19 Fortnite NPCs in Season 7
All 19 Fortnite NPCs in Season 7

It certainly pays to interact with the island's AI inhabitants, though do note that a few will fire at you before saying hello. This includes Guggimon, who returns to a passive state after you defeat him, but also Doctor Slone, who resides at Corny Complex with her Mythic Pulse Rifle, as well as Zyg and Choppy, who more recently appeared at Hydro 16 with their new Mythic Ray Gun. Once defeated, these NPCs disappears from the map for that round, but their weapons make them very popular targets, so if you land on them with the intent to take them on, know before you go: You likely won't be alone.

There are more NPCs set to arrive later this season, in addition to new Exotic weapons as well. You can learn more about the Vorian Scout NPC, Cowinator gun, and more in our leaked NPCs and weapons guide. After that, get caught up on the Season 7 Battle Pass and how to unlock Superman.

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