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Fortnite Season 7 Leaked Exotic Weapons And NPCs: Cowinator, Vorian Scout, And More

Dataminers are once again having a field day with Fortnite.


What's a Fortnite update without leaks? Fortnite Season 7 is here and dataminers have once again perused the backend game files to discover surprises Epic still has in store for loopers all throughout the season. While this list is likely only going to get longer as the season plays out, we can already learn a lot about what's coming down the pipeline.

Popular Fortnite content creator iFireMonkey has put together a YouTube video discussing every leaked NPC and Exotic weapon visible in the game's files right now. Here's what he found:

Fortnite Leaked NPCs

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The island currently features 17 NPCs, just a fraction of the usual 40+ characters and quest-givers found across the island in past seasons. One theory as to why that's the case is that many characters have been abducted by aliens. That could be true, but given the fact that some NPCs also have ties to the Imagined Order, such as Jules, it could also be they're gearing up for the season-long battle with the aliens and their UFOs.

iFireMonkey has discovered files pointing to four NPCs that will come to the island later this season. While images and details aren't yet available, we can infer some things based on their names.

  • Vorian Scout
  • Summer Henchman
  • Summer Alien
  • Emperor

The Vorian Scout may refer to the species of alien that has descended on the island. We can assume this since the Kymera Battle Pass alien's codename and the Vorian Scout codename are the same--"AlienTrooper." Knowing that, it sounds like an alien will be an NPC on the island, either in the form of a boss with its own Mythic weapon or perhaps a friendly NPC offering challenges that can be completed for Gold Bars.

The Summer Henchman and Summer Alien are likely cosmetic updates for the aliens and IO guards already on the island, though it may be the case that these are each one-off NPCs, probably clad in swimsuits and sunglasses. Summer is just around the corner in the West, so they should arrive in the weeks ahead.

The Emperor NPC is really anyone's guess. With no image to go by and no further hints in the game files, it's a wonder which empire this character presides over. Could it be the aliens' leader? That seems likely, but there's still so much we don't know about the IO too, so it's hard to say. Then again, it could be an NPC unrelated to the storyline at all. It's not as though every NPC is pivotal in the plot.

Fortnite Leaked Exotic Weapon - Cowinator

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Sometime during Season 7, Rick Sanchez will sell the Cowinator. This is an Epic original, so we can't glean any hints from Rick and Morty's many episodes, even if it totally sounds like something from the minds of Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. Judging by the name, this will likely be a science fiction weapon that either turns players into cows or otherwise makes them a target for the aliens, who love to abduct cows according to some ufologists.

It feels in-line with the spirit of Rick and Morty to have a wacky invention like this come to the game, and knowing Fortnite, it won't be the last. Future game updates will bring with them more leaked information on these and other items and characters, and we'll be sure to cover those as they're revealed.

In the meantime, get up to speed on Fortnite Season 7 with all the new map changes, the Week 1 challenges, plus details on the upcoming FNCS with $3 million in prizes up for grabs.

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