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Fortnite Season 5, Week 13 Challenges Guide

These challenges can be completed fairly easily if you know where to look, and some are even close together.


Fortnite's Season 5, Week 13 challenges are available now, and you can complete them all for yourself in the game. As opposed to last week's complicated and often-frustrating group of missions, this week's challenges are relatively straightforward and you should be able to complete them fairly quickly. Several of them even have tasks in the same area of the map, so you should be able to complete a few of them before the end of a match.

These challenges leaked in Fortnite early. As of February 25, they are live in the game. Season 6 looks like it's going to begin very soon, likely after Week 15.

Scan a server at a Surface Hub

Hunter's Haven location
Hunter's Haven location

There are a few different Surface Hub locations on the battle royale map, and all you have to do to complete this challenge is scan one of them to get 20,000 XP. Head under the Colossal Coliseum, Stealthy Stronghold, or Hunter's Haven to complete the challenge. We recommend Hunter's Haven, which we've circled on the map, as you'll need to be here anyway for a few other challenges.

Throw Fruit at Hunter's Haven

It's fruit. Throw it.
It's fruit. Throw it.

You'll also need to be at Hunter's Haven to complete this challenge, with tasks you with throwing fruit. Head to a building in the southeastern part of the map and use the cardboard box to get fruit. You can throw the same piece three times to get the 20,000 XP.

Damage opponents at Hunter's Haven, The Orcard, and Retail Row

Deal damage at all three of these locations
Deal damage at all three of these locations

This challenge just tasks you with damaging opponents at three different locations. Two of these are named locations on the map--Hunter's Haven and Retail Row. They're also fairly close together, which makes things easier. However, The Orchard isn't named on the map. You can find it northeast of the Coliseum. We've circled it to make it easier for you to get the 20,000 XP. We actually only damaged people at one of these locations for 300 points and the quest was completed.

Pistol Damage

This task is very straightforward--just deal damage with a pistol. Once you've done 300 damage, this challenge should be completed for 20,000 XP. The Deagle is back in the game as part of the latest update. This is the perfect weapon to use to complete this challenge, as it packs quite a punch with each shot.

Bathe in the Purple Pool at Steamy Stacks

Go inside this building and open a few doors to reach the pool.
Go inside this building and open a few doors to reach the pool.

Steamy Stacks is a named location on the map in the northeastern corner. We thought the purple pool would be located in the Stacks themselves, but it isn't. It's in a building on the western edge. Jump in to get the 20,000 XP.

Destroy Crystal Trees

This one might sound confusing at first, but there will be Crystal Trees available just next to the Coliseum once this week's challenges go live. Simply destroy them with your pickaxe to complete this challenge and earn the 20,000 XP.

Build Structures (Legendary)

This week's Legendary challenge tasks you with building structures. You'll get rewards based on meeting several thresholds, so just play the game like you normally would and you should eventually finish this quest, too.

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