Fortnite Season 5 Guide: Where To Find Car Parts For Week 2 Challenge

Head to Hunter's Haven.


Fortnite changed things up with NPCs in Season 5, but there are still weekly challenges that need completing. Season 5 has challenges every Thursday, just like previous seasons, and Week 2's are here. This guide will show you the best way to tackle specific challenges, like finding car parts, with ease.

These challenges leaked early. Now that December 10 has arrived, the challenges are live in Fortnite. With our guide, you can finish this challenge very quickly. After that, you can get excited about the Master Chief coming to Fortnite. There is an extra bonus for Series X|S owners, as well, letting you get a special matte black version of the skin after playing on those systems. It should then carry over to any other platforms you own.

Where Are Car Parts In Fortnite?

We don't have context for why we're looking for car parts in Season 5, but you'll be able to find a few mechanical pieces at Season 5's new location, Hunter's Haven. Hunter's Haven is a named location on the map, so it shouldn't be difficult to find.

Once there, you'll want to head to the building on the upper left corner of the location, as shown in the image below. You'll be able to walk through the floor-to-ceiling window.

Hunter's Haven Car Parts Location
Hunter's Haven Car Parts Location

There are three car parts located in this building. This includes two in the main room and one through the door in the back left.

Fortnite Car Part Location 1 & 2
Fortnite Car Part Location 1 & 2

I'm not sure what sort of car these parts go to, but Hunter's Haven is full of weird gadgets and tech. This car could come to the game later this season.

Fortnite Car Part 3
Fortnite Car Part 3

Hunter's Haven is a central location and players almost always land there. Be prepared for a fight, but be sure to hold your fire if you see someone looking for these car parts. We're all trying to complete the same challenges.

What Will I Get For Finding Car Parts?

You'll get 20,000 experience points for finding all three car parts. While Fortnite's challenge system is somewhat different this season, you'll still get to take on multiple types of challenges every week. Daily and weekly challenges have been renamed. Weekly challenges are now called epic quests and are worth 20,000 experience points per pop. The quests are sometimes presented in stages, as well.

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