Fortnite: Season 4 Launch Trailer Reveals Marvel-Themed Nexus War

Watch the trailer Fortnite's Marvel-themed season right now.


Fortnite: Chapter 2's Season 4 is nearly here, and a new trailer has shown us what to expect from it. You can check the video below to get a glimpse at the new season.

The trailer shows several Marvel characters, including Iron Man, She-Hulk, Wolverine, Thor, Groot, Rocket Racoon, Mystique, Storm, Doctor Doom, and Galactus.

Epic Games will take Fortnite servers down to prepare for the new season at 2 AM ET / 7 AM BST (11 PM PT on August 26), with Fortnite version 14.00 and a whole new batch of content coming once its done a few hours later. Once Season 4 is live, Marvel fans are in for a treat.

Following the fallout of Epic's legal clash with Apple, iOS users will not be able to play in Season 4. Players on both MacOS devices and iPhones will be left behind in the 13.40 version of the game, according to an official statement from Epic.

Fortnite's newest season is expected to include all sorts of Marvel content. Thor's hammer made a crater on the Fortnite map at the end of Season 3 so many players expect the god of thunder to be a central part of Season 4. Wolverine and Spider-man skins are also rumored, although nothing has been confirmed by Epic yet.

A multi-part prelude comic that mentioned Thor by name was released ahead of the new season--you can read those now by hopping onto Fortnite and navigating to the news tab.

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Wolverines skin can't be "rumored" since it is in the battle pass already with Wolverine specific challenges...

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