Fortnite Season 4: Get Free Battle Pass Star With Week 1 Blockbuster Challenge

Our first clue as to what the Blockbuster challenges are all about.

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Fortnite Season 4 is officially underway, which means there's a new Battle Pass and accompanying weekly challenges are also available. There's a few new wrinkles for this season, but the challenges otherwise work as they have in the past. That said, there is a secret hiding in the Week 1 challenges that is worth tracking down if you're eager to level up and get your hands on the coveted Omega skin as fast as possible.

Aside from the Battle Stars you earn, doing all seven Week 1 challenges completes the first leg of the Blockbuster challenges, netting you a loading screen called Quiet on the Set. This is part of your loadout, letting you customize what you see during the pre-match loading screen. Reddit user Bfor45 reports that the loading screen offers a very subtle hint about something hiding in the game world.

With moviemaking equipment added to the island in the new update, the image shows a scene being filmed near the prison. In the background, there's the very faint outline of a Battle Pass icon (you can see it below, above the tower just behind the alien's head). You can actually head to that location in-game during a match and find the icon (it's location is pointed out in the map below). Collect it, and it'll rank up your Battle Pass by one level. Take note, however, that you actually need to complete all Week 1 challenges for this to show up; you can't just head there without doing the legwork first. That also means you have to purchase the Season 4 Battle Pass to claim this.

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Blockbuster challenges are one of two new categories of challenges for Season 4. Each Blockbuster involves completing all of the challenges in a given week, with each seemingly offering up a loading screen reward like the one mentioned above. Once you do all seven Blockbusters--which won't be possible until more sets of weekly challenges are available--you'll earn some unknown reward that looks as if it might be a special skin. At this point, we don't yet know if future Blockbuster rewards will also lead to secrets like this free Battle Pass tier, but Week 2 certainly does.

Season 4 also offers up Carbide challenges. These are also pretty straightforward, with each one simply requiring you to reach a certain level during the season. They unlock different style options for the Carbide skin, which is granted to players as soon as they purchase the Battle Pass.

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