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Fortnite Season 10 Teasers: Zero Point Explosion, Drift Skin, The Visitor, Dusty Depot

Season 10 is just around the corner.


Season 10 of Fortnite is almost upon us. The next season of Epic's popular free-to-play battle royale game officially kicks off on all platforms this Thursday, August 1, and as per usual, we're getting some vague tastes of what to expect by way of teasers in the preceding days. These seem to hint at some kind of time warp theme for the new season, including possible map changes and new skins that could be available as part of the upcoming Battle Pass.

The fourth and presumably final Season 10 teaser has been released, and it comes in the form of a brief video. It turns out attention back toward Loot Lake, where the so-called Zero Point orb has been hovering of late. The video suggests it will explode as part of the seasonal changeover, and while we don't see the effect of that, it seems safe to assume this will cause changes to the map. It might also explain the twist on the Drift skin referenced below.

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The third of these teasers again doesn't reveal a whole lot in explicit terms. It does feature a pair of masked faces, one of which (on the right) looks a lot like an older skin, Drift. It's possible that skin could be available in some modified form. The other face is that of a skull with glowing eyes, which presumably will also be a new Season 10 skin. The image was accompanied by the text "twist time," which might further reinforce the theory that Season 10 will offer a version of Drift with a twist. Check it out below.

The first teaser, which you can see below, was shared ahead of the finals of the Fortnite World Cup. The tweet simply reads, "Think Back," and features an image of Dusty Depot, which was famously destroyed by a giant meteor and became Dusty Divot all the way back in Season 4. This seems to suggest the beloved area could be making a return in Season 10.

The second teaser image, which dropped earlier this week, features what appears to be some kind of new mech that's coming to the game. "Look Forward," the tweet reads, which again hints at some kind of space-time disruption taking place in the new season. You can take a look at the second teaser below. What might be more notable than the mech are the symbols on the sides. The one on the left matches a symbol adorned on The Visitor, a skin from back in Season 4. This subtle reference might suggest the skin or character is making a comeback in some capacity.

Each seasonal changeover in Fortnite is typically preceded by some world-changing event, and earlier this month, a giant robot did battle with the monster that was formerly frozen beneath Polar Peak. The mech was ultimately able to defeat the monster by impaling it with a giant sword hidden beneath Neo Tilted, but the Vault in Loot Lake was damaged during the confrontation and is becoming increasingly unstable, which may be the catalyst for whatever time-related event leads to Season 10.

With Season 10 only a couple of days away, time is quickly running out to complete Fortnite's Season 9 challenges. If you need help mopping up any remaining tasks, you can find tips and guides for all the trickier ones in our complete Season 9 challenges roundup. Fortnite's second birthday event is also underway until July 31, and it has its own set of challenges to complete and rewards to unlock. Most are fairly straightforward, but the only one that may pose a problem asks you to dance in front of 10 different birthday cakes. Be sure to check out our birthday cake locations guide.

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