Fortnite Rifts Temporarily Disabled, Making Portal Challenge Impossible [Update]

The portals were removed from all modes due to a bug.

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Another bug has been discovered in Fortnite, this time relating to the game's Rifts. As a result, developer Epic has had to temporarily disable the portals across every platform--PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile--until it can resolve the issue. [Update: Epic has restored Rifts, so the accompanying challenge should once again be doable.]

What makes this new bug particularly problematic is that it prevents players from completing one of the game's recent challenges. One of Week 5's objectives tasked players with using three Rift Portals, but now that they've been disabled in all game modes, those who have yet to complete the challenge will not be able to do so until they're reenabled.

Epic hasn't provided an estimate for how long it will take for the Rifts to return, although the developer typically addresses issues of this nature fairly quickly. The studio says it will provide a further update on the status of the Rifts via the Fortnite Twitter account once the bug has been fixed.

In recent weeks, a number of bugs have cropped up in Fortnite that directly impacted players' ability to complete certain challenges. An issue with grenades last week made it particularly difficult to finish the "deal damage with a Clinger, Stink Bomb, or Grenade" challenge, as damage inflicted by these weapon wasn't always counted toward progress. That bug has since been resolved with the recent 5.21 update.

Earlier in the season, shopping carts and ATKs had to be temporarily disabled due to a different issue. Because of that, many players weren't able to complete Week 4's "jump through flaming hoops" challenge, as the task required players to leap through the hoops using either of the two vehicles.

Fortunately, even if you haven't completed the Rift Portals challenge, you still have until the end of Season 5 to do so, giving you quite a bit of time to earn Battle Stars and level your Battle Pass up. Epic recently rolled out a new set of weekly challenges, which include searching where stone heads are looking and new timed trials. You can find more guides in our complete Season 5 challenge roundup.

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