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Fortnite Rick Grimes Skin Is The Newest Walking Dead Crossover

Rick joins Daryl and Michonne in the Fortnite Item Shop.


Epic has added a Fortnite Rick Grimes skin to the game's Item Shop today as part of the ongoing Halloween event, Fortnitemares. Just a year after his Alexandrian allies Daryl and Michonne made their debuts in Fortnite, now the former protagonist of The Walking Dead will trade walkers for loopers in Fortnite.

You can pick up his debut Fortnite skin now, or grab his whole set. The complete Fortnite Rick Grimes bundle includes a glider, back bling, and a pickaxe. Each is inspired by the show's storyline, like the bag of guns Rick hides outside of Terminus before he's taken captive in the railyard, or the satellite which falls to earth in a season 10 episode, albeit curiously after actor Andrew Lincoln's exit from the show.

Me to my squad:
Me to my squad: "This is not a democracy anymore."

Rumors of a Rick Grimes Fortnite skin first circulated over the summer before Epic teased it for the first time earlier this week alongside the launch of Fortnitemares 2021. Now the leading man can be found in the Item Shop for a limited time alongside his former sidekicks, Daryl and Mchonne. Much like the comics ask, I'll say it here: Where's Negan?

Epic will be launching new Fortnitemares skins every single day in October, so if you're into adding the game's spookier characters to your locker, now's your chance. It's safe to expect more horror crossovers later this month. Who's on your wishlist?

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