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Fortnite Reveals Coral Castle, And It's A Tiny Atlantis

The water has receded on Fortnite's map to reveal the Atlantis-like Coral Castle.


Fortnite's battle royale map got a big overhaul at the start of the season due to "The Device" event causing a massive flood, and it has continued evolving ever since. In its latest update, Epic Games added an area previously hidden underwater, and it appears to essentially be the lost city of Atlantis. Because it has to fit on the larger battle royale map, however, don't expect an enormous city. Still, it's a very neat addition.

Technically, this area is called Coral Castle, and it is located north of the Sweaty Sands area. Previously covered with water from the flood, it has receded enough to show off a glorious and very small hidden city. The centerpiece here is a breathtaking castle, as you can see in the video below. There are plenty of points for cover in the castle, making it ideal for defending against multiple enemies late in a match.

From the video, it appears the castle was originally called "Carl." This is almost certainly a reference to the popular Walking Dead meme.

Coral Castle is just the latest Aquaman-themed content to come to Fortnite. This season has featured Aquaman's trident and themed challenges, as well as a chance to get a skin based on Jason Momoa's version of the character from the films. The most recent challenges task you with collecting stone at Rapid's Rest and finding balls of yarn at Catty Corner. We can only assume Coral Castle challenges will involve making bad dad jokes or finding fish.

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