Fortnite Resistance Quests: Recon Cameras, IO Credentials, And Laser Targets

Uh oh. Looks like the IO has some tricks up their sleeve.


The Resistance is in week six of the battle against the Imagined Order in Fortnite, and it looks like it's about to take a very messy turn: Jonesy has evidence of them finally preparing that doomsday device the dataminers were warning us about. Including quests to plan recon cameras, laser target designators, and more, here's everything you need to know and do in order to assist the Imagined Order for another week of skirmishes.

Fortnite recon camera locations

For your first Resistance challenge this week, head to Loot Lake and pick one of the three device uplink locations, then do what Jonesy asks and set up three recon cameras. All of these locations are around the Loot Lake area, so go ahead and pick the three you like most and set up the cameras. Once that's taken care of, Jonesy will let you know that he definitely doesn't like what he's seeing, and that we're probably not gonna like what comes next.

IO credentials

Next up, The Imagined has a three-part request for us; we need to establish a device uplink near Synapse Station, eliminate an IO soldier for their credentials, and deliver said credentials to The Imagined over by The Joneses. Take care of those objectives and the Imagined will ring you up to let you know never to tell anyone about this. Technically, this mission is none of our business now, so let's move on to the next one.

The IO are being pushed back, but might it convince them to do something drastic?
The IO are being pushed back, but might it convince them to do something drastic?

Dead drop location

Now we have to establish one more device uplink, but we get a choice of where to do it this time. It sure is nice of The Seven to let us stretch our legs a little bit, and stretch them we shall, as the points are all on opposite sides of the map. Choose either Logjam Lumberyard, Chonker's Speedway, or the Seven Outpost III and drop down to get that device uplink. The dead drop for the intel from Sloan's loopers that have lost faith with her should be close by no matter which location you choose, so don't stress out too much over your choice. Hopefully, the IO isn't taking a page out of The Origin's book with some fake intel…

Laser target designators

Our final mission for The Resistance this week is to establish yet another device uplink with The Origin, so head towards one of the available spots to get that taken care of. (We chose the one in the middle of Loot Lake.) Looks like that intel might not have been fake after all--The Origin wants you to set up some laser target designators in order to help other loopers focus fire in the upcoming battle. There are three we need to set up, all somewhat around Loot Lake; one just to the west, one slightly northeast, and the farthest one is in between Logjam Lumberyard and Command Cavern. Get these set up, and The Origin will let you know you've done a good job and that he hopes those other loopers will remain loyal to The Resistance.

Well done, looper! You're finished with this week's Resistance quests. Now make sure you've done the latest Covert Ops mission to be able to get that Secret Sledge pickaxe.

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