Fortnite Resistance Quests: Fake Munitions, Smashing Filing Cabinets, And Stealing IDs

Loopers can have a little (well, actually a lot of) espionage, as a treat.


The Seven and their Resistance are heating up the battle in Fortnite this week--and with that heat comes some pretty difficult missions they've prepared for players this week--not impossible, mind you, just a lot more work than they've been letting us get used to, combined with a lot more traveling across the entire map. We've got four missions, each with two stages and multiple objectives, so get ready to buckle down and get to work, Looper.

Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2, Week 7 Resistance challenges

  • Establish Device Uplink near Logjam Lumberyard or Chonker's Speedway

    • (Stage 2/2) Hack IO Loudspeakers (3): 23,000 XP

  • (Stage 1/2) Establish Device Uplink near Greasy Grove or Coney Crossroads

    • (Stage 2/2) Swap IO munitions with dummy shells (2): 23,000 XP

  • (Stage 1/2) Establish Device Uplink near Camp Cuddle or Shifty Shafts

    • (Stage 2/2) Destroy a white filing cabinet and collect the files: 23,000 XP

  • (Stage 1/2) Establish Device Uplink near Seven Outpost II or Seven Outpost V

    • (Stage 2/2) Hack an IO Server in Command Cavern: 23,000 XP

Take a look at your map before you drop and make sure you're dropping close to the Device Uplinks (if you're not sure what you're looking for still, look out for large blue holograms coming from a small device on the ground). Our big objectives are to hack the IO loudspeakers, swap out the IO's large munitions with fake dummy shells, destroy a white filing cabinet for the files inside, and finally to hack into the IO's servers. Everything is at least marked on the map for us as we go, so keep an eye on those objective markers and make sure you know what you're looking for.

There should be a few white filing cabinets around each map objective.
There should be a few white filing cabinets around each map objective.

The IO loudspeakers are placed around various IO Outposts; run to the base of the speaker to see a glowing white box you can interact with to hack the speakers. You'll do this a total of three times, with Jonesy giving Dr. Slone a bit of a ribbing through the speaker systems each time, culminating in a bunch of Peely's favorite "most annoying sounds," so this is your warning to turn your volume down before hacking that third speaker. The munition locations are also located on your map, but when you're on the ground, look for large boxes of shells with that telltale white glow on the ground near the Siege Cannons or inside of IO buildings. The white filing cabinets are a bit trickier: they can be pretty hard to spot, so make sure you take a close look around where those objective markers are.

Finally, the IO servers in Command Cavern are all placed inside of the cave, so make sure you've got some good weapons just in case you run into trouble while you're there. We recommend going in through the front and looking for some computers near the entrance-- you should see a glowing server for you to hack into. Once you're done with that, you have successfully completed your missions for the Resistance this week. Make sure you've finished up the Star Wars quests for that Empire banner, or read about the upcoming season here.

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