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Fortnite Reportedly Crosses 100M Mobile Downloads

Fortnite does big numbers wherever it goes.


Fortnite has crossed an estimated 100 million downloads on mobile, according to third-party tracking firm Apptopia. If the figure is accurate, it would have passed the number after only five months on the market, and without an Android version to boost its numbers. By comparison, the firm predicts that PUBG will reach the figure after almost a year on the market.

The report also claims that Fortnite has cleared $160 million in purchase revenue, and players in May and June alone played for 2.7 billion hours. Keep in mind all of those figures are for the mobile version only. Fortnite has continued to rack up success on PC and consoles as well, so this is all gravy.

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That's a strong showing, but the firm estimates that some other games have reached the 100 million milestone a little faster. Super Mario Run is said to have hit it after only 68 days, and Pokemon Go after 71. Fortnite took roughly twice as long, which the report chalks up to good marketing. Super Mario Run had a recognizable brand name on its side, and it teamed up with Apple for real estate on the App Store. But it also tapered off and didn't make what Nintendo expected.

Part of the appeal of Fortnite on mobile is its parity with the PC and console versions. With the notable exception of PS4, all of the versions play alongside each other, so mobile players don't have to settle for a second-tier experience. Fortnite is now well into its fifth season, with a new set of rewards to chase. You can check out where to find the birthday cakes to earn yourself some loot as long as you finish the challenges before August 7.

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