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Fortnite Removes User-Created Call Of Duty Maps From Creative 2.0

This is likely due to copyright infringement.


Epic Games has removed multiple user-created Call of Duty maps from Fortnite Creative 2.0, apparently because of copyright infringement. The enhanced Creative Mode launched earlier this year and offers a robust set of tools for building maps, but Epic Games has seemingly cracked down on what players can and cannot publish using the creative mode.

A popular map creator known as Mist Jawa became famous for recreating Call of Duty maps--such as Rust and other stages from Zombies modes--within Fortnite, but all of them have been removed from the game.

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"I will no longer be recreating any [copyrighted] maps," the creator announced on Twitter. Mist Jawa did confirm they will continue to create maps for shooter and Zombie fans.

Players believe Epic Games issued a DCMA takedown on these Call of Duty maps, as the creations violate the company's copyright guidelines. According to Epic Games' IP and DCMA guidelines, players cannot publish content within Fortnite that's based on other intellectual properties.

Epic Games previously confirmed that players who violate these guidelines may be subject to enforcement actions, including permanent bans. The company did update its terms to allow players to recreate maps from Fortnite Chapter 1.

"All terms protecting copyrights and intellectual property will continue to be strictly enforced," reads an excerpt from the aforementioned statement.

GameSpot has reached out to Activision for comment.

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