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Fortnite Reload Mode Is Live, Exclusive Loot Available For Those Who Like A Challenge

The fast-paced mode features a quickly moving Storm, a smaller map, and familiar locales that harken back to the game's early days.


Fortnite is going back to its roots with the launch of Fortnite Reload, an exciting new mode available for both Battle Royale and Zero Build. Featuring classic weapons, iconic locations, and an old-school Fortnite aesthetic, Fortnite Reload is a futuristic twist on Fortnite's past.

Fortnite Reload (which launched just after Saturday's Metallica concert) takes place on a smaller map that includes familiar locales like Tilted Towers and Retail Row, where 10 four-person squads will face off inside a Storm that shrinks much faster than it does in standard matches.

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Fortnite Reload also features a twist that seems to take inspiration from Call of Duty: Warzone--players who are eliminated can reboot, provided that at least one of their fellow squadmates is alive. But there are some limitations. Here's how rebooting works in Fortnite Reload:

  • Once eliminated, players can choose to start their reboot timer rather than waiting for a squadmate to revive them.
  • Reboot timers start off at 30 seconds, but can scale up to 40 seconds as the match progresses.
  • Once the timer runs out, the player is rebooted.
  • Surviving teammates can shave time off a downed player's reboot timer by downing and eliminating opponents--or wiping an entire squad.
  • Near the end of the match, reboots become unavailable, something players may wish to keep this in mind when playing.
  • If all players in a squad are taken out, there's no coming back, and that squad will be permanently eliminated.

Additionally, Fortnite Reload includes a series of intro quests that can earn players up to 20,000 XP each. Complete some of these quests will earn you the following rewards:

  • 3 quests completed: Digital Dogfight Contrail
  • 6 quests completed: Pool Cubes Wrap
  • 9 quests completed: NaNa Bath Back Bling
  • Earn a Victory Royale: The Rezzbrella Glider

To access Fortnite Reload, log in to Fortnite and select the "Fortnite Reload" tile from the Discover screen. Then squad up with some friends--or some random teammates--and prepare to fight your way to victory. For more information on Fortnite Reload, check out Epic Games' recent blog post about the new event.

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