Fortnite Refer A Friend Program Can Earn You A Free Rainbow Rider Skin

Here's how to earn the free Rainbow Rider skin and all related cosmetics.


Epic is once again rewarding active players for reeling in new ones. The Fortnite Refer A Friend program is now live until January 10, 2022, and players who complete every task in the program, whether they're new players or seasoned devotees, will earn the Rainbow Rider skin and all of her cosmetics. Here's how to unlock Rainbow Rider using Refer A Friend.

Fortnite Free Rainbow Rider Skin

Fortnite Refer A Friend begins today and invites active players to bring in lapsed or totally new players in order for both parties to earn a bundle of free cosmetics. Players can sign up at the Fortnite Refer A Friend website and then invite up to five friends to check out Fortnite. For every milestone cleared during times when both parties play together, new rewards will be unlocked.

Qualifying players include anyone who has played less than two hours of a main battle royale mode in Fortnite within the last 30 days. That includes solo, duos, trios, and squad game modes, so even if a player knows someone who spends all their time in Creative, they can still earn rewards for bringing them into battle royale. Of course, the new player earns those rewards too.

Become a friend's Fortnite tour guide and you'll both earn rewards.
Become a friend's Fortnite tour guide and you'll both earn rewards.

In total, there are five tasks players must complete when paired up with their newbie friends. The rewards will always be unlocked in the same order. Here's what it takes to earn them all:

  • Add a qualifying friend - Rainbow Rider loading screen
  • Play one game in Fortnite battle royale with a referee - Rainbow Rider wrap
  • Place in the top 10 three times with a referee - Rainbow Rider Glider
  • Eliminate 10 opponents while playing with a referee - Rainbow Rider pickaxe
  • Both players earn 60 account levels before January 10, 2022 - Rainbow Rider skin

Account levels are essentially battle pass levels, though a battle pass purchase isn't required to participate in Fortnite Refer A Friend. Players without the battle pass still level up, they just won't earn additional battle pass rewards. That last requirement does imply players will need to sink a few weeks into the event to unlock the final reward, but the rest can be done in a single day with a combination of skill and maybe beginner's luck.

For players jumping in brand-new to Fortnite, the fastest way to level up is to complete quests. We have a ton of quest guides ready to help new players earn their way to Rainbow Rider. Try the Ariana Grande quests, Dark Jonesy quests, or the Ghostbusters quests to get going. Quests, sometimes called challenges, also release every week in Fortnite, and players will find custom daily and weekly challenges in their personal quest logs too.

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