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Fortnite Recycler Gun: Where To Find, Stats, And How To Use

If you're low on ammo, why not start firing Junk at the opposition?


Fortnite Season 6 introduced new wildlife such as raptors in last week's update, and this week adds a new way to do battle with them and others running around the island. The Recycler is a new weapon now available following the Fortnite 16.11 patch and it's just the thing you may want to equip if this season's dwindling ammo supply has you scrounging in the final few circles.

Fortnite Recycler Stats

The Recycler, as its name suggests, doesn't need traditional ammo to fire. Instead, it uses materials such as wood, stone, and metal as projectiles that do considerable damage to opponents. It debuts in three variants, Rare, Epic, and Legendary (blue, purple, orange, if you prefer) and even its lowest-tiered variety does 75 damage to players, with that number increasing to 79 and 83 for each successive tier.

It looks sort of like a leaf blower, only it instead vacuums up the materials around you as ammo. It's got a three-projectile magazine size no matter the rarity and it always takes two seconds to reload too.

Where To Find The Recycler

Like most weapons, you'll find the Recycler just about anywhere. Stashed in Chests, with an apparently higher chance to be found in Rare Chests and Supply Drops, the Recycler may be a bit harder to find than the usual weapons you see across the island, but you needn't buy it from a particular NPC like you would a Mythic weapon. You may even find it as floor loot--items spawned outside of Chests automatically.

Epic has not yet shared the Fortnite 16.11 patch notes, and often times the company simply does not. For now, we'll keep digging to see what else the team has tucked away into this week's update, and should Epic share those patch notes eventually, we'll detail them here.

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