Fortnite Prowler Quests: How To Unlock All New Marvel Cosmetics

Doctor Strange isn't the only Marvel character to join the fray in Fortnite Season 2.


In Fortnite Season 2, Prowler is now available, bringing another familiar face from the Spiderverse to the Fortnite island. The reformed criminal turned super sidekick comes with a eight additional cosmetics, but to unlock any of them, you'll need to complete Fortnite Prowler quests. They probably aren't too tough for most players, but in case you get stuck, here's a full list and how to complete them.

Fortnite Prowler skin - How to unlock

To unlock the Prowler skin, you'll need to complete any three Prowler challenges, or "quests." For the most part, these can be completed in any order, and you'll unlock other cosmetics in his set along the way. Prowler's full set of quests and cosmetic rewards includes the following list:

  • Complete Prowler quests (3) - Prowler skin
  • Complete Prowler quests (7) - Slash And Smash emote
  • Damage opponents while crouching or sliding (500) - Energy Claw pickaxe
  • Collect different weapons of Epic rarity or higher in a single match (3) - Prowler banner icon
  • Use a spray at The Daily Bugle (1) - Prowler Tag spray
  • Search chests before taking any damage in a match (7) - Sky Prowler glider
  • Headshot opponents with a thermal weapon (3) - Mark Of The Prowler wrap
  • Collect gold bars (300) - On The Prowl loading screen
  • Mod a vehicle, then drive it 500 meters in a single match - Prowler's Grasp emoticon
Another Spider-Friend is on the prowl this season.
Another Spider-Friend is on the prowl this season.

These challenges will be relatively straightforward for many players, but here's how to complete them most efficiently and in as few rounds as possible. You'll want to get the character skin quickly, and for that the easiest three challenges are going to be to search chests without taking damage, mod a vehicle and drive it for 500 meters, and to use a spray at The Daily Bugle.

Drop into the Bugle when it's far away from the Battle Bus trajectory. There are over 40 chest spawn points here, so so long as you're alone and don't take fall damage, you'll easily open the required seven chests. Use a spray emote anywhere on your way out of town and head southeast to a small, swampy gas station. You'll likely find tires or a cow catcher there along with a car to mod. Remember to smash up garages and open red toolboxes for these items if they're not apparent upon first arriving.

Drive the modded car 500 meters and you'll have already grabbed four of the nine Prowler cosmetics including the character himself. Along your travels, you'll also need to obtain a few key items, namely 300 gold bars--most easily found via complete bounties or by smashing up beds and couches. You'll also need a thermal rifle and to notch three headshots with it. With either that gun or others, you'll need to deal 500 damage while crouching or sliding. This is easier to do by crouching, of course, though an SMG makes for a great sliding attack weapon if you want to run in on enemies like John Wick.

The toughest challenge in this set will be to collect three epic (purple) or better weapons. If you've got enough gold bars, upgrading three blue guns may be the quickest route to finishing this one--or you could play in Solid Gold LTM, which includes only legendary loot. You could also lift such great weapons off of fallen enemies, but your mileage will vary based on what kind of heat those enemies are packing.

In as little as a single round, you could unlock Prowler and be one step closer to finishing off the Chapter 3, Season 2 battle pass.

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