Fortnite Prop-ifier: How To Get The Prop Gun, Live Now

The "prop gun" is only the stealthiest loopers.


A new Fortnite patch has arrived, and it includes a new weapon that reminds us of another sci-fi game with an alien twist. The Fortnite Prop-ifier, or "Prop Gun" as it was referred to in a leak, is now in the game, which should make Prey fans very happy. Here's what you need to know about the brand-new Prop-ifier.

Fortnite Prop-ifier

The Fortnite Prop-ifier is a new gun used for covert play. While it doesn't offer players any offensive abilities, when used smartly, it can be a devastating tool for late-game loopers. The Prop-ifier runs on a cooldown and allows its wielder to morph into an inanimate object. You may have seen such gameplay already from when some NPCs would sell prop disguises.

As of today, no NPCs have that feature on offer anymore, so you'll need to find the Prop-ifier if you want to blend into the landscape as a nondescript mailbox, Slurp Barrel, or more. The Prop-ifier will be sold by any NPCs who are aliens disguised as humans. That means this gun's location changes with each match because so too do the identities of aliens in disguise. The Prop-ifier can also be found in chests, aboard the Mothership, and on top of Abductors.

The Prop-ifier can turn any looper into a Trojan mailbox.
The Prop-ifier can turn any looper into a Trojan mailbox.

You can tell when you've come upon such an alien because their dialogue will include them doing a poor impersonation of a human, saying things like "hello, fellow human." They'll also only offer a Kymera Ray Gun, the Prop-ifier, and a dialogue tree which, when selected, will eventually turn the NPC hostile against you--so don't choose that option if you plan to buy a gun from the NPC.

If you find yourself using the prop disguise, note that every 30 seconds while you're hidden, you'll briefly be affected by a visual glitch, which may tip off any nearby enemies. The tech isn't perfect, but in a bind, it may be what saves your looping life.

The Prop-ifier costs 600 gold bars per purchase, but if you're completing NPC gold bar quests, opening chests, and smashing sofas and beds, you should make at least that much in every round or two, keeping your balance well above zero. Make sure to use our NPC location guide to keep track of where everyone is across the island these days.

If you're all done using the Prop-ifier, catch up with the Rift Tour replay, or chase the Week 10 Alien Artifacts beginning this Thursday.

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