Fortnite Predator Guide: Where To Find Beef Boss, Remedy, And Dummy

Unlock special items in Fortnite by completing Predator challenges.


Fortnite has added new Predator challenges with the most recent update. Players will need to complete them in order to unlock the intergalactic hunter. Predator isn't available itself yet, but you can get lots of cosmetic goodies in the meantime. One challenge will send you to three different locations across the map in order to talk to different NPCs. The challenge is to talk with Beef Boss, Remedy, and Dummy.

The challenges were first made available on January 13. You can complete them now but need to be careful in case others are nearby and could get an easy kill on you. Now, where's the beef? We will help you find it! Or at least the beef's boss.

Where To Find Beef Boss, Remedy, and Dummy

Beef Boss, Remedy, and Dummy are all located right next to the Stealthy Stronghold where you find the mysterious pod. They each have multiple spawn points on the map--but it appears those have been tweaked so they always show up around the same area so players can complete these challenges. Here's a map with their specific location.

Beef Boss, Remedy, and Dummy Location
Beef Boss, Remedy, and Dummy Location

Beef Boss is located next to the food truck on the top of the hill near Stealthy Stronghold, Dummy is just down the hill next to a chest and a giant rock, and Remedy is a little further away in the house to the east. You'll need to speak to all three to complete the challenge.

What Do I Get For Talking To Beef Boss, Remedy, and Dummy?

You'll get the Plasma Caster Reticle emoticon by completing this challenge. The Predator is the mystery skin that was teased at the beginning of this season--you'll need to complete these challenges and others in order to unlock all the cosmetic items, including killing the Predator itself. The challenge was added as part of update 15.21.

In other news, it looks like the Terminator franchise could be coming to Fortnite next. The game's Twitter account is teasing something that certainly seems to hint at Sarah Connor coming to the game.

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