Fortnite Players Want Fewer Cosmetic Restrictions

Epic Games is finding new ways to limit how players use cosmetics.


Every Fortnite battle pass has added a number of new skins that come alongside an emote, back bling, glider, and other accessories that are unlocked as players level up. These additions could be used with any skin, but Season 4 introduced special versions of these items that were tied to specific characters. Players worry that these new cosmetic restrictions will continue into future seasons, limiting their ability to customize as they see fit.

This change was introduced with various Marvel characters. Thor's hammer, Mjölnir could only be used by characters that were worthy like Captain America and Thor. Dr. Doom's glider and emote, alongside a number of other items, were also tied to specific heroes.

Mave's glider can't be used with other skins.
Mave's glider can't be used with other skins.

"I get Marvel, but Mave’s glider is stupid," said Redditor ExtraTime101. This change was believed to only apply to Marvel characters, but now it's continued into Season 5. Mave, one of the hunters you can unlock, features a glider specifically made for her. It can't be used on other characters.

"I don't know why people are so obsessed with their skin being unique," said Redditor JerCoMambo. "If we buy the battle pass we should be able to mix and match any cosmetic."

Dr. Doom's glider.
Dr. Doom's glider.

Mave's glider is similar to the glider for Dr. Doom, Storm, Iron Man, and Thor. They each feature the character striking a pose as different special effects surround them. These gliders were clearly designed with these heroes in mind--but players want to see their favorite Fortnite characters wielding these superhuman abilities as they float to the ground at the start of a match.

Every battle pass has also come with additional unlocks tied to specific challenges and levels that would become locked once the season ended. Players argue that they should be able to unlock items at whatever pace they'd like--especially if they had to pay for the opportunity in the first place. They apply the same argument to this skin-specific restriction.

Part of the appeal of purchasing the battle pass is getting additional accessories for every character in your locker. As more content continues to roll out, many players don't want to be unable to use new additions just because they decide to stick with their skin of choice.

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