Fortnite Players Have Figured Out How To Defeat The New Quest Boss With One Hit

Here's how to do it if you're fishing for XP.


The latest and last Spire Quest of Fortnite Season 6 is here, and in it, you will take on Raz, the thief and hopeful island disruptor. Allied with Jonesy, you can't let Raz get away with his master plan, but the boss battle with him at The Spire has proven challenging for many players. Thankfully, some outside-the-box thinking has revealed how to defeat Raz with one hit.

How To Defeat Raz With One Hit

Raz is harder than the usual Tower Guardians not just because he has more health than they do, but because he's also got a lethal energy beam ability that quickly depletes the health bars of anyone within his range. For that reason, it's been recommended that you keep your distance when taking him on. That was before some innovative players took him on with nothing more than a height advantage and a harpoon gun.

By getting the height advantage, you're more likely to sneak up on Raz, and from there all you need is to harpoon him once. The gun will yank Raz toward you, doing 75 damage instantly, which is really nothing in the grand scheme of things, but when Raz crashes back to earth, the fall damage will wipe him out.

Then all you need to do is collect the Spire Artifact he drops when defeated and you'll have reached the end of the season-long Spire Quest arc. Raz can only be defeated once per round, so you'll still need to be quick, as he's been a very popular target since this week's 16.30 update.

We suggest looking around the river for fishing barrels, some of which will inevitably contain a harpoon gun. Then build up to Raz as stealthily as you can, get the drop on him, and go fishing.

If you need to complete the rest of this week's challenges, we've got a full rundown of the Spire Quest as well as the new Neymar Jr. challenges.

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