Fortnite Players Are Upset After Missing The Device Event Due To Server Capacity

The special in-game event hit capacity minutes after opening up.


If you drop into a normal game of Fortnite: Battle Royale right now you'll find The Agency, the center piece for the games' second season, in pieces. It was blown up during today's special event, The Device, but many players didn't get to see it happen.

Servers for The Device filled up soon after opening at 10:30 AM PT / 1:30 PM ET, meaning players who couldn't get in had to watch on Twitch or YouTube. Epic Games had warned players to come 30 minutes early, but even those that tried weren't guaranteed a spot.

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Players who missed the event are sounding off on Twitter, upset because of the limited capacity. Previous events like the Travis Scott concert was less restrictive, mainly because it had multiple showtimes spread across a weekend. The Device event was also delayed multiple times, most recently due to the Black Lives Matter protests that erupted across the country. Many were surprised that they wouldn't be able to attend at all after the additional delay.

"You think saying "we apologize" is enough to those who waited days on end to see this and couldn't get in?" one player tweeted. "What a joke."

Over 6 million players tuned in on YouTube while more than 2 million watched on Twitch, making The Device one of Epic's most successful events to date. The Device event has ended, but there is more excitement to come as Fortnite: Season 3 starts later this week, and players have tons of theories about what's going on.

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