Fortnite Players Are Trying To Predict The Season-Ending Event

Galactus is almost here, but we don't know what he'll do once he arrives.


Fortnite's Season 4 is starting to wind down. We're now past the initial 10 week period and are getting into an extra four weeks of Marvel-focused challenges. A season-ending event should be happening soon, but Epic Games hasn't given us any hints about what it will include. Players have begun to come up with their own ideas.

One player created a scene of the helicarrier, which serves as a pre-game lobby, falling towards Risky Reels. They made a 3D render of the scene--complete with Iron Man using his suit to prevent the aircraft from crashing--and shared it to the Fortnite subreddit. It's one theory of how Season 4 will end.

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Galactus, a cosmic entity that consumes planets in the Marvel universe, can be seen heading towards the Fortnite island. He's slowly gotten closer over the course of Season 4. Tony Stark's named location, Stark Industries, has been changing over the course of season 4 as well. Multiple battle buses, the vehicle that players jump from at the beginning of every match, can be found in his warehouse. Players believe that they'll somehow be used in the event.

"It seems that Tony Stark is creating 4 Black Hole Battle Buses," wrote Redditor TheDarkFabledSaber. "It looks like he is on the 2nd one, working on it in the garage workshop. Maybe it will be similar to The End event, but instead of opening a rift the buses will make a large black hole to consume Galactus."

Galactus Can Be Seen In The Distance
Galactus Can Be Seen In The Distance

Dozens of players have come up with theories about how the event will change the map. They believe that locations like The Ruins, Coral Castle, Catty Corner, and the Fortilla will be destroyed during the event to pave the way for something new. Epic Games has said that the Season 4 event will be the "biggest one ever" and it will change the future of the game. Troy Baker is rumored to have recorded lines for the event; he previously voiced a character in The Device event.

While Epic Games has said that "everything is connected" in the Fortnite universe, the game is made up of a lot of nonsensical themes and characters. The "different realities" storyline that brought Marvel characters into the game lets the studio do almost anything it wants with the battle royale. The ever-changing nature of the game is one of the reasons it's been so successful.

There are still three weeks left in the season so we probably won't see the in-game event until the end of the month, but players are getting tired of Season 4. They hope that this event will bring some change to the map.

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