Fortnite Players Are Running In-Game Gas Stations

The community's creativity has shined after Fortnite's new Joy Ride update.


Fortnite's new Joy Ride update has brought a lot of silliness to the battle royale. Players are taking the newly added cars seriously--with some running their own in-game gas stations to fill up enemy cars and provide healing items before sending them on their way. It's wholesome and a brief break from the carnage and chaos that Fortnite usually emphasizes.

"Thank you to this random Summer Drift [player] that protected me and helped me so I could fill up cars," said u/PokeStarChris42 on Reddit, who had been running his own gas stop in-game. "And thank you for avenging me when I died."

A number of players have started to run their own filling stations by surrounding the in-game ones with walls (except for an entrance and exit to drive through), loading up their enemies cars with gas after they drive up, and even giving out healing items to make sure they have a safe drive. Everyone wants to enjoy driving around the map--no one likes getting destroyed when they're pumping gas. If you're into that sort of thing, we won't judge.

"I heard lots of happy squealing noises coming from my sons room yesterday. He bought the crash test dummy [skin] and was so happy to be pumping gas for cars in solo," said megreads781. "He was super psyched because a bunch of players came and got gas and didn’t kill him. I know it’s battle royale but I just wanted to say thanks to those who do things like this. You made my son's day!!!"

Some players have gotten their entire squads to go along with the gag. They use the sign spinning emote and the Redline skin to get other players' attention. The rest of the squad acts as security while gas is getting pumped. Their service isn't always free though, sometimes they'll ask for a mini shield potion for their trouble.

The fun hasn't stopped at gas. A few bold players have set up entire car dealerships in locations with lots of vehicles. "I did make a car lot and sell cars, it was great," said BITTTRIPISDONE. "Well, If you had the patience." His prices were fair. The standard Sedan costs one mini shield potion, the standard truck costs two, the Mudflap semi truck cost one regular potion jug, and the Whiplash sports car costs two.

It may not last forever as the new car smell wears off, but players are happy with how cars have convinced people to put down their guns for a few moments while they fuel up (or do donuts in the grass).

"I love how the community has gotten more wholesome ever since cars," said -Boyo_-Boyo. "This really shows that even updates such as these can change a lot of people."

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