Fortnite Players Are Pitting Wolverine Against Iron Man

The two NPCs are located on opposite sides of the map, but that hasn't stopped the fight.


Fortnite players didn't wait long to mess around with the newest addition to the Season 4 map. Wolverine was added to the game earlier this season and players have already orchestrated fights between him and Iron Man--who's located all the way on the other side of the map.

Wolverine was added as an NPC to Weeping Woods a couple of weeks ago. If players manage to kill him, they'll get to use his claws. He roams around the location, looking for someone to pick a fight with. If players shoot him, he'll chase them relentlessly--even all the way across the map to the Stark Industries location where Iron Man is located. That's a long way to go, especially with how quickly Wolverine can take out a whole squad of players.

Wolverine isn't like Dr. Doom or Iron Man, as he has regenerative health. Knocking him to the ground is already hard enough; killing him within seven seconds of him getting knocked to his knees is even harder. He'll get back up and regain all his health if you don't finish him off.

"This is the first boss that actually scares me sh*tless," said Redditor Hyprz--. "He's very hard to joke."

It's sometimes easier, and certainly more fun, to lead a sprinting Wolverine around the map while driving. Players have gotten him to fight and kill other players and even take out the giant Gorgers. We're bound to see more fights like this take place as one Fortnite Week 6 challenge tasks players with killing Wolverine. Weeping Woods is about to get very crowded.

Check out our guide on how to take out Wolverine and keep an eye out for the other Wolverine challenges that pop up from week to week.

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