Fortnite: Place Prepper Supplies In Hayseed's Farm - Week 6 Legendary Quest

Here's where to place prepper supplies in Fortnite.


Week 6 in Fortnite Season 7 has arrived, and a new challenge this week asks you to place prepper supplies in Hayseed's Farm. This is another of the season's story-driven Quests, of which there have been several each week, signaling a change within Epic Games to put the team's expansive universe front and center for the Invasion season. Here's where--and why--to place prepper supplies in this Fortnite Week 6 Legendary Quest. The challenge is live as of July 14.

Where To Place Fortnite Prepper Supplies

There are multiple places you can visit to place prepper supplies, but they're all within the relatively small confines of Hayseed's Farm, known in the past (and future?) as Steel's Farm. Hayseed is Farmer Steel's cousin and has been minding his abundant corn crops while Farmer Steel has been MIA--apparently having gone underground to wait out the alien-IO scuffle.

In the meantime, you'll be leaving Farmer Steel some more prepper supplies for him to take underground to his bunker we first learned about (but have not yet seen) in Week 5. You need only to place one prepper supply according to the Quest's language, so choosing any of the spots below should net you the 45,000 XP.

You can find interact points to place prepper supplies:

  • Beside the northern entrance to Farmer Steel's house
  • At the eastern end of the southern corn crops
  • Where the paved road and dirt roads meet between the farm and the gas station
  • Near a copse of trees south of the farm
  • Beside the footbridge west of the farmhouse
There are five prepper supplies around Hayseed's Farm, but you only need to use one.
There are five prepper supplies around Hayseed's Farm, but you only need to use one.

There's no telling if or when Farmer Steel may emerge from, well, wherever he's hiding out. Honestly, I hesitated to even refer to the farm as his when writing this guide because I don't know what Epic has planned for its chief solitudinous farmhand. For now, it seems Fortnite loopers will be bringing the farmer some vital life support in the form of food and supplies, but until we see him again, it seems premature to expect him to ever emerge.

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