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Fortnite Physical Copies Are Selling For Wild Amounts Online

PS4 and Xbox One versions fetching hundreds of dollars, even though the game is free-to-play.


Fortnite is a massively successful battle royale game that's free-to-play, but that's not stopping many people from forking over hundreds of dollars for a copy of the game. Physical editions of the PS4 and Xbox One versions are currently selling for up to $450 a copy online, even though the game can be downloaded for free and no purchase is necessary to play.

Searches on Ebay and Amazon reveal tons of sellers offering up sealed copies of the game. Most prices hover in $100-200 range, but there are some that go way higher. People are buying; there are tons of old listings that show the copies were purchased. No doubt these are collectors snatching up the expensive copies; Fortnite's publishers are no longer making physical editions of the game, focusing 100 percent on free digital downloads, with free access to battle royale and paid access to Save the World, the game's co-op sandbox survival mode.

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