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Fortnite Pays Homage To Tilted Towers Meteor Theory

Burning questions.


The meteor in the sky of Fortnite has been slowly approaching for well over a month, and in that time we've seen more than one false alarm in which the community was sure that impact was imminent. Now it appears Epic has inserted a little Easter egg that, if not hinting that all the speculation is correct, might at least be in on the joke. [Update: The official Fortnite social media accounts have now warned of some imminent world event.]

A Reddit poster noticed four signs on the roof of Tilted Towers: buildings, a construction helmet, a meteor, and the word "today" hastily scribbled over to instead read "tomorrow." Taken together, it seems to be an obvious nod to the popular fan theory that when the meteor touches down, it will destroy Tilted Towers in favor of a different and possibly less contentious landing zone. The tower roof also houses lawn chairs with a telescope.

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Keep in mind, though, that the signs aren't necessarily meant to be taken literally. The reference to "tomorrow" could be a cheeky commentary on the frequent times impact has seemed imminent, only not to happen. Or this could be an elaborate misdirect, since Epic has not confirmed what the meteor will actually do at all. Either way, the studio is signaling it's very aware of fan expectations.

The most recent bout of speculation came from update 3.6, which went live overnight. A tweet promised it would be "sticking its landing," which could have been a reference to the impending cosmic crash. Instead, it introduced balance changes and a new grenade. At this point it's becoming a question of what will hit Fortnite first: a meteor or China.

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